Wildlife-friendly Fences

Completing the Research Ranch's Wildlife-Friendly Fences

The Research Ranch is one of the largest, best remaining examples of southwestern ecosystems. We believe that over the next 100 years, the Ranch will be an increasingly critical habitat both for resident and migratory species of special concern, as well as an increased number of threatened and endangered species.

Our approach to protecting riparian areas and upland mesas is to consider the entire ecosystem: eliminate all possible interior fences (volunteers have removed 25 miles) and secure our perimeter against cattle, but keep the perimeter friendly to wildlife (bottom strand smooth and 16-20" above ground; top strand 12" above the second strand). We've already upgraded 16.5 miles of our 17 mile perimeter using grants, donations and volunteer labor. By establishing and maintaining a perimeter fence as described above, the integrity of the Ranch as a sanctuary for wildlife and plants will be maintained, while allowing safer passage of wildlife.

Wildlife friendly fencing on The Research Ranch has been made possible with financial assistance from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, the Army Corps of Engineers, USDA-NRCS and through contributions from private individuals.

Wildlife Friendly Fences Brochure (277 kb PDF)

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