General Information

Burand, 2009, Renewable Energy, A How-To Guide for Southern Arizona Residents (605kb PDF)

Naeser and St. Hohns, 1998- Water Use and the Future of the Sonoita Valley (4 MB PDF)

Porter, 2010- Encouraging Energy Conservation and the Use of Alternative Energy: A Model for Rural Communities (483 KB PDF)

Robinett, Robinett Rangeland Resources, LLC 2009- Prescribed burning in southeastern Arizona grasslands (309 kb PDF)

Robinett,  Robinett Rangeland Resources, LLC 2009- Prescribed Burning in Giant Sacaton Bottomlands (262 kb PDF)

Funding Opportunities through USDA usda-nrcs_practices_0.pdf

Booklet: Rural Living in Santa Cruz County, Arizona (6 MB PDF)

Brochure: Wildlife Friendly Fences Brochure (277kb PDF)

Brochure: Grasses of the Sonoita Plain (262kb PDF)

Brochure: Plant List for Santa Cruz County AZ (144kb PDF)

Brochure: Bloom Chart by Month for Hummingbirds (500 KB PDF)

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