Anthony Gilbert - Graduate Student

Graduate AWRR Student Research Fellow - 2015, 2016 & 2017 Ohio University - College of Arts & Sciences

 Anthony Gilbert is a 4th year doctoral candidate in the laboratory of Donald B Miles at Ohio University.  He began his dissertation work with the ornate tree lizard (Urosaurus ornatus) at the Research Ranch in 2014 and earned this fellowship to examine the thermal dependence on locomotor performance for U. ornatus from the Research Ranch population compared to a high-elevation population in Cochise County, AZ.  His research is focused on describing and understanding the mechanisms that species will use to respond to anthropogenic climate change, with an emphasis on the ornate tree lizard (Urosaurus ornatus) in southern Arizona. His work tries to understand the utility of evolutionary mechanisms in buffering lizard populations from rising environmental temperatures, such as alternative reproductive tactics, natural selection, local adaptation, and phenotypic plasticity."

Anthony was able to presented his work at the 2016 Science on the Sonoita Plain Symposium. 

To learn more about Anthony, you can visit his advisor's website:

Biological Sciences
Life Sciences Building 231

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